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Tampa FL Drug Crimes Lawyer

The war on drugs officially began in 1971 by the Nixon Administration, and now 40 years and over a trillion dollars later it is still going strong.  Unfortunately while drug laws have become increasingly harsh, illegal drug use is at an all time high and today approximately 17 percent of incarcerated persons in Florida are there for drug related offenses.

 Today, in Florida, many drug charges carry minimum mandatory prison sentences which can range anywhere from 3 years to 25 years.  Additionally, if charged in federal court, some drug offenses may trigger mandatory life sentences.

In Florida, common drug offenses include:
     - Drug Possession
     - Drug Possession with intent to sell
     - Drug Distribution
     - Drug Manufacturing
     - Drug Trafficking
     - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
     - Possession of certain Prescription Drugs

The collateral consequences of a drug conviction can be significant

All drug offenses involve strict legal punishments. If a person is convicted of a drug crime, he/she may be punished with: imprisonment, monetary fines, court-ordered rehabilitation programs, probation, community service, and drug offender registration.  Additionally, a convicted drug offender may also lose his/her driving privileges, the ability to obtain student loans, and the opportunity to work in certain fields.

Drug offense convictions can lead to devastating, life-changing consequences. People who are charged with drug crimes need to enlist the immediate aid of a qualified attorney. Our law firm can  evaluate your case to see if any legal errors were made, question law enforcement, and negotiate with state / federal prosecutors. Having handled thousands of criminal cases, I am able to effectively determine the best way to proceed in your case based on your goals and our realistic assessment of the potential outcomes.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, contact us now for a free consultation. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will advise you of your rights and provide reliable counsel throughout the legal process.

Suffering from addiction

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime as a result of a drug addiction it is important to choose a law firm that understands what you are going through.  At Scriven Law, we have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on staff who has extensive experience in substance abuse, and who will assist in the preparation and defense of your case.

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