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Tampa, Florida Traffic Lawyer

Traffic offenses happen all the time. Everyday, people are pulled over by law enforcement for violating the rules of the road.

The most common traffic offenses include:

- Reckless Driving
- Speeding
- Driving on a Suspended License, (with or without knowledge)
- Leaving the Scene of an Accident
- Violation of a Traffic Control Device
- Racing

Traffic violations differ in severity. However, every time a person is pulled over for violating traffic laws, he/she is penalized. From losing points on their driver's license, to having charges enhanced due to prior traffic offenses, traffic violations cost people time, money, and freedom.

When a person is charged with a traffic offense, he/she may have to pay a large monetary fine, lose his/her driver's license, or spend time in jail. While the legal consequences depend on the type of traffic offense committed, it is never a good idea to take a traffic violation lightly. The best thing a person can do after being charged with a serious traffic violation is to seek the advice of a qualified attorney.

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